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Membership Dues 12/31/2023

Just a heads up. If you were on a reoccurring Membership plan on the website, I am working on canceling those out. The convenience is nice but much harder to keep track of. The new Club Membership 2024 plan is in place now for 2024. On September 1st I will create a plan for 2025 for New Members and hide the 2024 plan. If you have any questions let me know.

Thank You! Sorry about the confusion when seeing the emails flying around.

Sam McCord

Your 2024 K.V.S. CLUB Membership dues are coming due.

According to club bylaws, the dues are as follows:

Article: Dues

Section 1: The annual dues will be due on January 1ST of each year.

The dues shall be $25.00

Section 2: Any member who fails to pay the yearly dues before February 1st shall be declared delinquent and may be reinstated upon payment of yearly dues plus a $10.00 reinstatement fee. Reinstatement privileges will terminate on March 1st. After March 1st the delinquent member will have to file a new membership application like any new applicant.

The club has a new website with some Membership Features, and a new Mobile App to help stay in touch with other club members and stay up to date on events.

2024 Office Holders

President: Pete Vonburg

Vice President: Duane Knutt

Treasurer/Membership: Sam McCord

Secretary: Tasha McCord

Director: Frank Payne

Director: Paula Knutt

Director: JR Hammond

Pay Online at




160 5th Street

Carlyle, IL 62231

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