The KVS Club Inc.

Keyesport, IL



  1. Why become a KVS Club Member?

    To show your support for a small gun club that supports gun safety, trap, skeet, and conservation.

    Use of Rifle/Pistle/Shotgun Range. (Rules do apply.)

    Access to Skeet/Trap Field. (After properly trained to operate.) 

    You are able to shoot practice rounds for a discount.

    ($3.50 a round with a practice card)

    Its a place to shoot, meet new people and have fun.

    Access to this site. (soon to be a members only website).

    Club Meeting is the 2nd Monday of Every Month at 7:00pm.

    Cost is only $25.00 year. (All applications are reviewed and voted on.)


  2. How do I join the Club?

  3. Can I shoot the 50 Bird Derby on Friday night?

    Anyone old enough to safely shoot and handle a 12 ga shotgun may shoot the 50 Bird Derby.

  4. Why are the 50 Bird Derby Results not updated?

    Sam has not yet had time to do that yet, but I plan on getting that done.

  5. Does it cost $$ to take the Hunters Safety Course?

    No, but any donations are appreciated. We are a small not-for-profit club.

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